We help contact center teams predict and solve customer needs with AI Technology.

Save time and resources with digital and voice communication solutions that integrate into your existing systems.


Power your contact center across all voice & digital touchpoints


    Speakeasy AI analyzes customer journeys across calls to digital messaging & everything in between to understand their true intent. This understanding powers improvements across digital & voice front doors like IVR and bots by providing contextual guidance and workflows for customers and agents to get things done. As a result, customers get to what they need more quickly on their own, and when they do escalate to a human, your agents can anticipate solutions for the contact before it even happens. Customers and agents feel recognized and respected with right answer, right channel & right routing.

  2. SOLVE

    Speakeasy AI can use that same understanding to suggest the best solution to allow customers to enroll, buy, enjoy, report & fix problems & pay. It will transfer the entire history of the journey to self-service flows & human agents so they don’t need to start it over. Agents will have access to prompts with answers based on customer questions in real time.


    Speakeasy AI learns over time through every voice and digital interaction across customer & agent conversations. It can identify friction fast, giving you the tools to make the necessary changes to keep the quality of your automation & human care high. For self-service, it allows rapid improvements and reaction to real time conditions driven by unfiltered voice of the customer. And for your agents, It reduces the need for training while still ensuring agents remain effective and consistent. In the end, both customer and agent enjoy a faster, more fruitful interaction.


Easily Plugs into your existing systems.

Predicts customer intent through our custom tuned neural net driven by unfiltered voice of the customer & CX outcome tracking performance

Measures and reports on customer interactions including friction/effort, resolution and customer sentiment

Provides transparent look into full voice & digital customer journey & agent experience in real time to allow searchable & findable data that matters for CX

Integrates with other bots so you don’t have have to input information in two places

Can be built & tuned with conversation data you already have (like chat transcripts & call recording) to ensure wins are delivered on the day you launch

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