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4 Ways AI-Powered Contact Centers Create Super Agents

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There is no doubt that the pandemic has slowed things down. It also did is accelerate the need for contact center support. Demand for contact across digital, voice and messaging  is surging across the board for industries such as cable, wireless, retail, travel and banking. As customer expectations are rising, maintaining consistency in execution becomes harder. 

Everyone is overwhelmed. Especially call center agents. 

That’s unless you bring AI-powered Agent Assist on board. Below are 4 ways in which Agent Assist can turn your agents into Super Agents. 

1. AI Accelerates Agent Speed and Reduces Friction

AI-powered contact center messaging, chat and voice, is on the rise. And for the right reason. It helps your agents, especially those freshly onboard, to hit their stride faster and with less friction. This is crucial especially as more call center workers and customer service agents work from home or move locations due to lockdowns and natural calamities. 

2. AI Helps Maintain Brand Consistency

Contact Center AI delivered via Agent Assist helps to bridge the service gaps, ensure brand consistency and give your team access to smart tools that boost your agents’ performance by assisting them during live customer interactions. Think of Agent Assist as a smart co-pilot. It significantly reduces agent training so that much less time can be spent on onboarding. Furthermore, the system builds compliance and adherence to policy with your workforce.  

3. AI Helps Agents Understand Customer Intent Faster

Your agents should not spend their precious time trying to figure out what to do or asking customers to repeat themselves. Instead, they should have access to intuitive tools that help them do this automatically. 

The flows in Agent Assist are programmed based on real conversations with real customers. What’s more, they are updated in real-time depending on the context of the conversation. This way your agents do not need to second guess what the customer wants. Interactions by your live agents with Agent Assist also serve to improve answers and performance for future interactions. Agent Assist will make your agents’ jobs easier,, impressing your customers and leading to higher sales and reduced churn. 

4. AI Frees Agents to Focus on Building Rapport and Empathy

Agent Assist uses Speech-to-Intent to instantly prompt agents with answers based on customer questions, reducing average handle time (AHT) and improving quality and consistency of customer communication.

Our machine learning models are based on real-life agent interactions and real-time feedback. The system gets the customer going and supports the agent to take the next best action, giving them the ability to focus their soft skills on building deeper rapport and empathy, even while juggling multiple conversations. And it gets better with time. 

Access to smarter replies, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and flexible adjustment depending on agent’s capacity and true customer intent is what Agent Assist is all about. 

In a nutshell, the system helps to optimize your agents’ performance, allowing for a faster resolution of customer requests, reducing costs and leading to higher sales. And it can work within any desktop and integrate with any existing CRM or knowledge management system.

To improve solution rates and while also optimizing cross-sell opportunities and grow customer satisfaction, contact us today! 

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