Agent Assist

Empower your agents. Engage your customers.

Optimize agent performance and reduce friction within any agent desktop across voice, chat, and messaging.

Agent Assist Features

Active Listening Tools

“Listen” to customer and agent interactions to provide suggested answers, appropriate feedback, and next steps within any agent desktop interface

Reduce Handle Times

Reduce average handle time by providing agents with correct information in a timely manner.

Agent-Customer Connection

Let agents excel at human empathy and soft skills while reducing training ramp ups and speed to proficiency.

Reduce Transfer Rates

Increase concurrency for live chat agents and reduce transfer rates.

Self-Service Solutions

Allow agent interactions to improve self-service content.

Integrate with Existing Tech

Easily integrate with RPA solutions, articles, knowledge management systems, CRMs , or home grown back-end systems to allow agents to focus more on the customer, not finding resources.

Reduce Wrap-Up Times

Automate disposition notes with agent editing to reduce wrap-up times.

Enable Work from Anywhere

Enable work from home with agent assistance that ensures consistency, trust, and compliance.

Pulse Integration

Connect with Pulse to review for agent QA & QM.

Agent assistance, the way it’s meant to be.

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