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Stop Touting CSAT Scores as Real Customer Satisfaction

I think we need to change how we are calculating our customer satisfaction scores in the call center, because if our scores were really 90%, we wouldn’t be getting such poor reviews in third party reports. I put my head in my hands as the executive in the front of the room continued his presentation to leadership. Don’t get me wrong, voice calls still get the highest scores of all our contact channels, but I think we need to review how we calculate the scores across them all.

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Introducing Speakeasy AI – Voice Recognition That Actually Understands Customers

From cable companies, to hotel chains to banks – the days of customer calling say and pray are over. The best customer experiences begin with understanding customer needs and tailoring an experience around those needs. For people on the business side of a customer relationship, the recipe for understanding a customer starts with authentic listening. Listening done right doesn’t create a word list, it creates a picture in your head of what the speaker is saying, describing, and what she/he needs. It should be no different for automated voice systems.

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