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10 Reasons to Automate Quality Assurance for Contact Center Agents

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Speech Is Coming Back, Just Not With Agents
  2018 is the year speech came back from the dark side and surprisingly it’s kids driving the renaissance. Kids do not know that you can press…
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Step Four of a 12 Step Recovery Program for AI Narratives
Hi, I’m Frank, and I am an AI narrative addict on the fourth step of a 12 step recovery program. In any good 12 step program, group meetings and cr…
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Don’t Let Security Drive Your Business (Unless Your Business is Security)
I get it.  Rarely a week goes by that we don’t read about the latest data breach at a large corporation that has compromised thousands or millions …
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Stop Touting CSAT Scores as Real Customer Satisfaction
I think we need to change how we are calculating our customer satisfaction scores in the call center, because if our scores were really 90%, we wou…
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Introducing Speakeasy AI – Voice Recognition That Actually Understands Customers
From cable companies, to hotel chains to banks – the days of customer calling say and pray are over. The best customer experiences begin with…
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