Speakeasy AI and Creative Virtual Announce First Shared Enterprise Customer Using Integrated Solution for Conversational AI

OLD GREENWICH, Conn. (PRWEB) September 29, 2020 — Speakeasy AI and Creative Virtual today jointly announced their first shared enterprise customer is live using their integrated solution for conversational AI within IVR. This partnership is delivering next generation voice AI by integrating Speakeasy AI’s solution with Creative Virtual’s V-PersonTM virtual agent technology within the IVR channel for a better customer experience. This enterprise has used Creative Virtual’s V-Person solutions to provide customer self-service since 2015 and to support contact center agents since 2019. This new integration utilizes real time speech understanding enabled by Speakeasy AI’s patent-pending Speech-to-IntentTM technology to expand the virtual agent to the enterprise’s Genesys IVR. They are now able to intelligently route calls to reduce transfer rates and get calls to the right agents at the right time. Additionally, Speakeasy AI’s ability to understand customers’ intents in their own voices opens up further development of the virtual agent within the channel, with an expected 20-40% expansion of self-serve use cases possible in IVR
Frank Schneider, Speakeasy AI’s CEO says, “We are really excited to have won this business with Creative Virtual, and our customer is seeing the benefits today of our unmatched integration capabilities with this combined solution. We believe this is the first enterprise scale deployment of a fully integrated digital AI system within a voice channel.” The integration of Speakeasy AI’s solution with V-Person empowers organizations to expand self-service from digital channels to voice channels quickly, with high accuracy and at large scale. The combined solution provides flexible integration with external content sources and backend systems for better voice responses and automation. It also delivers real-time reporting functionality that gives an in-depth look into what customers are asking to help enterprises identify their real needs and continuously improve the customer experience. Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual says, “We collaborate closely with all of our customers to find ways they can expand their virtual agent and chatbot implementations to improve their end-to-end customer experience. This joint IVR deployment with Speakeasy AI is a great example of how enterprises benefit from the flexibility and robustness of V-Person technology and our growing Partner Network.” Creative Virtual customers can use the Speakeasy AI integration during Active Listening phase as well as with the full delivery of the Speakeasy AI solution across voice self-service and voice live agent assistance. View the full article here. Download PDF here.

Introducing Speakeasy AI – Voice Recognition That Actually Understands Customers

For people on the business side of a customer relationship, the recipe for understanding a customer starts with authentic listening. Listening done right doesn’t create a word list, it creates a picture in your head of what the speaker is saying, describing, and what she/he needs. It should be no different for automated voice systems. With this in mind, we set out to build a company and solution that delivers the voice future we were promised when we first heard “the robot lady.” You all know her…and when you find her,  in an IVR, with Siri or with Alexa – you like her if, and only when, she gets you. For our team, we are beyond excited to have a solution that can actively listen and understand the full picture of intent. We believe
  • Authentic listening requires understanding as the primary goal above all else
  • Authentic listening requires knowledge of what is unsaid, as well as what is said
  • Authentic listening requires technology that is ready to serve, but doesn’t impose “solutions”
Today’s Voice CX is muddled – not at all what it can and should be. IVR is one of the examples of voice technology that, like Tamgotchis and Palm Pilots, are set up to serve a use case from 20 years ago. We have passionately jumped into this world with knowledge from the self-service, AI and voice worlds that crosses a spectrum of business practitioners, product developers, AI market pacesetters and CX consultants to do one thing better than anyone has done it before – understand your customers. I can turn up the thermostat with Alexa, you better believe I should be able to add HBO when Game of Thrones returns with a quick, easy phone call. Join the movement – make it easier for your customers to be understood. At Speakeasy AI, our mission is to make it easier for businesses to understand their customers in voice channels. Simply put – Listen. Help. Remember. Improve. By using our patent-pending Speech-to-Intent™ engine, our real-time customer understanding based reporting system, and our rapid update and improvement cycle, enterprises can finally connect their customers’ voice to enterprise AI investments and deliver the future their customers were promised. We hope that as we expand on our case to the world, you will join us – as a reader of our blog, as a viewer of our video content, and as a listener to our podcasts. If you are tired of the lame voice experiences that live siloed from some of the more exciting digital automation and AI that is out there…you are not alone. We have built and are building this for you – and more importantly, your customers. I read this. So now what? Well, thank you so much for reading! We are just getting started. Occasionally, we’d like to send you an email – not spam, hard sells or lame weekly updates. This content will include things that like-minded folks who have an interest in this world have found worth the read/view/listen. And it won’t be more than once or twice a month at most. We promise. If you’d like to have a conversation now – we are all about listening and would love to learn more about you. You can engage or drop us your email by simply clicking on the speech bubble in orange and we will be happy to chat more.

Speakeasy AI Selected For 2019 Top 10 Voice Recognition Solutions by CIO Applications Magazine

Speakeasy AI recognized for bringing intelligence to interactive voice response systems

Old Greenwich, CT – March 13, 2019

Speakeasy AI is proud to announce our selection by CIO Applications magazine for their Top 10 Voice Recognition Solutions in 2019 edition.

The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of industry experts and members of the CIO Applications editorial board who research and analyze voice recognition companies and their solutions to determine which ones have demonstrated innovative technologies, forward thinking methodologies and outstanding customer service. The list, which appeared in the February edition of CIO Applications magazine, represents companies that can deliver voice recognition services and solutions to help organizations handle unique challenges across their enterprise knowledge, tools and resources. Speakeasy AI was especially lauded for our solutions’ ability to integrate any AI platform with any enterprise IVR, thereby bringing intelligence to interactive voice response systems.

“Speakeasy AI is honored to be recognized and selected by CIO Applications’ panel of experts,” said CEO, Frank Schneider. “As voice solutions continue to dominate the CX landscape from smart speakers to virtual assistants, we are proud that our speech-to-intent solution will be at the forefront of the Voice First movement.”

To view a complete Top 10 Voice Recognition in 2019 list, visit https://voice-recognition.cioapplications.com/vendors/top-10-voice-recognition-solutions-2019-rid-144.html.

To view the CIO Applications feature on Speakeasy AI and CTO, Moshe Villaizan, visit


About Speakeasy AI

Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to understand and respond to their customers’ needs in voice with AI. We accomplish this mission by using the world’s first and only Speech-to-Intent™ solution. Combined with our end-to-end reporting, our solution provides real-time insights into understanding customers’ intents, needs and outcomes. And since an AI platform is only as good as its improvement cycle, we enable rapid updates to ensure wins are delivered on the day you launch. With our voice AI solutions and our team’s proven expertise, we work tirelessly to provide better voice experiences and deliver understanding as a service. Discover your ROI today via a Speakeasy AI listening engagement – start here at http://www.speakeasyai.com.

Speakeasy AI proud to partner with Genesys

It’s always exciting when we can add new partner relationships to help serve our customers better, and we are proud to announce that Genesys is now a partner of Speakeasy AI. As a member of the Genesys App Foundry, Speakeasy AI is poised to deliver a fully integrated solution of conversational AI within IVR to Genesys customers across their PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage solution portfolio. Speakeasy AI is the leader in conversational AI integration with any enterprise IVR via our MRCP proxy. And we are especially excited to be able to connect our customers’ AI platforms to their Genesys IVRs. Our ability to nimbly connect AI and digital bots with Genesys will be a win for enterprises and most importantly their customers. Our integrated solution will allow intent based routing to be driven by Speakeasy AI and the enterprise’s existing AI or bot content while opening up the door to many new self-service opportunities within Genesys IVR. Additionally, the consistency of experience and brand voice across digital and voice channels will be delivered in the way practitioners in the space have always hoped. Amplify, our customer journey reporting tool, will wrap up this entire conversational self-service strategy; empowering Genesys users to quickly understand the wins and losses of their improved conversational IVR, and enable quick changes to improve the customer experience. 2019 is going to be a year of partner expansion at Speakeasy AI, and we’re proud to start with Genesys. If you are a Genesys customer who wants to see or rather hear firsthand what Speakeasy AI can do to raise the bar of IVR performance, please contact us for a low risk, low resource Listening Engagement today.  

Forrester New Tech & Innovation 2018 – Boston

Speakeasy AI was proud to be included in Forrester’s New Tech & Innovation 2018 summit in Boston last week. I had the pleasure of attending, and was blown away by some of the exciting new tech startups I met, and found myself noting a new Slack channel’s worth of great takeaways from the panels, deep dives and main stage keynotes over the two days. The theme, “Putting it All Together, The Power of Exponential Technology” was an exciting way to distill the concept of acceleration of innovation by leaps of bounds, but connected by something host, Brian Hopkins calls, “technology innovation chain(s).” First, let me thank Boston again for being such gracious losers in this year’s Super Bowl (Go Birds!). Now onto my highlights of this week’s event.   Best Google Drive Doc Nigel Fenwick repurposed one of my favorite templates, the business model canvas as a Business Innovation Template. Really well done…smart, yet accessible. I love a good takeaway that I can start editing on the train/plane ride home, and this surely fit the bill. As far as highlights go, I have to start here with something usable within five minutes of delivery by Nigel. Respect. Best Conversation During Putting Blockchain to WorkMartha Bennett & Paul Brassil did a great job explaining two things I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable with by the end of the conversation – Blockchain & the Fed.  FusionSeven’s VP of Engineering joined them for some vendor sponsored fun, but when Martha dropped, “that all sounds incredible, but what problem do you solve?” – the real insights began. At every point during this session, analyst, practitioner and vendor were looking to give tangible goodness for the audience. Martha kept it 100 throughout. One of my favorite analyst conversation leaders ever.    Best New Startup(s) Speaking of FusionSeven, I have to tip my cap for their innovative application of Blockchain technology to reconcile financial payment security within digital advertising supply chains. This path – brand advertisement in a digital ad to a third party payment via PayPal and purchase from say a Nike.com – can be wrought with security hiccups and pratfalls. To learn a little about how Blockchain can help clean up this world was unique – props to FusionSeven and their team for spearheading this type of use case via application of their technology. We of course have to omit ourselves from “Best New Startup” we bumped into, but sincere best wishes to the FusionSeven team.   Most Active Engagement I didn’t expect this to be a category when I originally sat down to do my blog, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out Acronis for their active engagement in the Forrester app, their shares on LinkedIn during the event, and their overall strong presence in networking sessions. It’s always more fun when someone ups their game for an event like this, and the Acronis team did.   Favorite Analyst Note As I said earlier, Martha was on fire during her conversation with my favorite warning being, “…don’t have a use case (for blockchain), don’t even start.” Living Artificial Intelligence consulting for the past seven years, this really resonated with me.   You Know Your Forrester Analyst Is The Real Deal When JP Gownder briskly jogged onto the stage exuding positive energy to join host Brian Hopkins for the mid morning kickoff panel. He further cemented his realness when he immediately took quantum computing concepts and applied them to a real, pragmatic use case around optimizing CX and logistics for cable company tech truck rolls. Real problem, real use case – audience instantly cared more about quantum computing. Meaningful narrative wins again. Having had briefings with JP in the past, this didn’t surprise me.   Kudos to the Host Brian Hopkins  was an outstanding MC for the event…speaking of quantum computing…Brian was able to introduce me to Shor’s Algorithm and qubits, and break down the acceleration of quantum computing in a compelling way that this English major was even able to grasp.   I really look forward to next year…if Speakeasy AI is still considered shiny and new in 2019. I know we will still be exciting. The one con for the event was bad luck and weather caused a couple of the case study practitioners to miss the event (leaving the vendor to tell the story). We plan to attend next year, should we be invited, and bring a client (we have two in mind).   Thanks again to Forrester for selecting us as a New Startup to participate in Forrester’s New Tech & Innovation 2018.  

Introducing Speakeasy AI – Voice Recognition That Actually Understands Customers

From cable companies, to hotel chains to banks – the days of customer calling say and pray are over. The best customer experiences begin with understanding customer needs and tailoring an experience around those needs. For people on the business side of a customer relationship, the recipe for understanding a customer starts with authentic listening. Listening done right doesn’t create a word list, it creates a picture in your head of what the speaker is saying, describing, and what she/he needs. It should be no different for automated voice systems.

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