How Do Cable Providers Offer Customer Service At Scale?

65% of Americans are still paying for cable TV. When it comes to TV and internet, customers want their problems resolved yesterday. It’s a tall order for any business – especially an industry with a high volume of customers. So how do cable operators provide one-on-one customer service at scale? Here is what we have found to be the secret sauce. The use of live chat allows cable companies to reach more people in a shorter amount of time. Online self-service portals provide information about billing, programming, and services. Companies rely on self-service portals for basic questions, allowing employees to focus on more complicated issues. When there is a problem with an account or a customer wants to upgrade their package, the cable company can call back within 5 minutes because it has all the information from previous interactions saved in its system. Now, they can identify any possible issues before escalating them up the chain of command. In a world of post-pandemic rage and A Nation on Hold Wants to Speak With a Manager, how do cable companies provide the best support for the employees on the front lines of customer service? Cable and closely related telco and wireless companies have a higher volume of employees than many industries. Verizon employs about 135,000 people, and Vodafone employs about 92,005. Using an artificial intelligence solution means cable companies don’t have to worry about hiring more agents or training them on new policies because their software learns from every interaction it has with the customer. They are able to predict what the next best action is based on historical data, agents always know how to handle each situation . It’s like having a team of experts working around the clock without adding to payroll. When you give your employees the tools they need to be successful, they don’t leave. Sounds great, right? It also sounds expensive – and it can be. That is why we built a suite of AI products that integrate into a cable operator’s existing solutions for a fraction of the cost we’ve seen from other providers. Speakeasy AI is an artificial intelligence solution that can help cable companies provide better customer service at scale by predicting customers’ needs in context and resolving them with personalized responses. With Speakeasy AI, any large business can reduce costs and scale  customer support. Contact us today for a demo.

5 Ways Contact Center AI Can Benefit Financial Institutions

Contact Center AI empowers banks with the ability to offer excellent customer experiences. With modern ways to connect with customers, the standard for support is high. Customers expect to handle finances from anywhere, and contact center AI helps banks and financial institutions reduce pressure on systems and agents. As McKinsey points out, “the potential for value creation is one of the largest across industries, as AI can potentially unlock $1 trillion of incremental value for banks, annually.” Here are five ways Contact Center AI can improve the customer experience for financial services institutions.

Reduce Call Center Volume and Wait Time 

When integrated with front door voice and digital technologies, conversational AI reduces call volume and wait time. Conversational AI also helps agents verify, gather information, and review previous conversations before engaging. As a result, the first-call resolution improves.  Financial Service Institutions provide better support thanks to technology that interprets their intent. Call center agents can now focus on delivering more empathetic and high-quality service.

Reduce the Amount of After-Call Work

After-call work (ACW) is as critical as the conversation itself. Through AI, you automate a process to categorize, summarize, and create a plan for the agent. ACW influences wait time, call times, cost, customer satisfaction, and agent productivity. Automation with conversational AI enhances the customer and agent experience and increases accuracy.

Get the Most Out of Every Conversation

Contact center AI helps financial institutions improve performance by analyzing every conversation. AI-powered analytics help banks understand customer churn, increase compliance, and unearth operational opportunities. Accenture states in their Banking on AI report that “Our client diagnostics have repeatedly shown that using AI-based solutions, banks can achieve a 2-5X increase in the volume of interactions or transactions with the same headcount.

Streamline and Improve Processes Through Automation

Financial institutions use contact center AI coach agents in real-time during calls. Customers have the power to manage minor issues and transactions on their own. Juniper Research shows that, on average, a chatbot saves an agent four minutes per inquiry. Agents have more time for high-value interactions with customers that boost lifetime value. 

Provide Customers With Advice

Financial institutions use contact center AI to deliver real-time coaching for agents. The technology analyzes caller data to give CSRs personalized recommendations. The system can also discern whether a caller is frustrated through sentiment analysis. It then suggests incentives that the CSR could offer the customer to make them happy. According to Deloitte, some banks have reported that when “nextbest action” models were enabled to predict customers’ needs sales increased by almost 30%. Banks and financial institutions are better with AI-powered contact centers than without. Contact us today to learn how fast Speakeasy AI can get you started.

Customer Service During The Holidays Can Be Frictionless

The holiday shopping season offers an opportunity to build meaningful experiences for customers. Shopping is done almost exclusively online, which strains the already overburdened supply chain. Contact center AI can help customer service agents work as efficiently as possible. Here are three things conversational AI can do to make customer service during the holiday season a breeze.

Enable a Faster Response Time

Customers demand faster responses. 12% of Americans say that lack of speed is their biggest gripe with customer service. When customers ramp up their holiday shopping, it’s more crucial than ever to provide them with answers in real time. While a customer is waiting, conversational AI can assist the agent by confirming their identification, getting information about their requirements, running customer analytics, and retrieving past conversations. Agents become free from the time-consuming task of determining what to do or repeating themselves. Conversational AI can reduce call volume and shorten the time it takes for customers to connect with a live agent.

Offer Self-Service Options

During the holidays, the volume of customer service calls skyrockets. When a customer inquires about an item, return policy, shipment status, or other frequently asked questions, virtual assistants can take charge with addressing them. Representatives can work on more complicated concerns, while chatbots handle most basic inquiries. It’s all too usual for changes and upgrades in other aspects of the company to cause issues with customer self-service. It’s easy for your self-service options to fall out of favor with customers if you don’t keep track of and update them. Omnichannel contact center AI can help improve self-service content through agent interactions.

Provide Personalized Gift Suggestions

84% of people say that gift-giving is stressful. With contact center AI, customers’ demographic and transactional data is available to coach agents in providing personalized product suggestions. Voice AI can even interpret user intent allowing for precise cross-selling and ups-selling to improve the customer experience and benefit your bottom line.


Brands that are automating aspects of customer support this holiday season are sure to see success. With the help of contact center AI, organizations of any size can scale up and handle rising traffic with ease. Agent Assist from Speakeasy AI allows you to maximize the performance of your agents, resulting in faster response times to consumer inquiries. Self-service options facilitate quick adjustments and responses to actual conditions, guided by the customer’s unfiltered voice.  Contact us to learn more about how contact center AI can benefit your company during the holiday season.
AI and the Guest Experience

How Can AI Enable the Guest Experience?

Have you heard of the term revenge travel? After being in lockdown for over a year, many people experience a heightened sense of wanderlust that experts believe will cause a surge in travel and hospitality bookings. Many avid travelers worldwide are ready to push through with their canceled or postponed vacation plans, and companies should prepare for the phenomenon and put tools in place to enable a positive guest experience. A SEMrush article reveals that artificial intelligence (AI) will generate an estimated $2.9 trillion of value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity in 2021. Today, consumers expect exceptional services from businesses, and AI can help achieve this feat. Let’s learn how the latest technologies — from conversational AI to voice AI and more — can enable the hospitality industry to meet the market’s high expectations.

Understanding AI

As decision-makers, we often hear the term AI. It refers to the process of teaching computers to perform tasks that require human intelligence. For example, machines can now learn lessons, recognize buyer habits, and initiate conversations. The concept of AI began in 1956, but we’ve only recently tapped its potential in simplifying processes and boosting productivity. Today, industry leaders use computers to perform complex tasks with little or no human intervention. Let’s look at some of its advantages for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Reduced Human Error

People make mistakes from time to time, especially when they’re tired, hungry, or distracted. On the other hand, computers can work without feeling any such sensations. When developers program machines correctly, they can achieve accuracy levels that no human can.

Enhanced Availability

On average, humans work anywhere between four to six hours daily, excluding breaks. After all, we have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to address along with our careers. However, computers can function 24/7 without resting.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

In most cases, jobs require performing repetitive tasks like gathering information or verifying documents. Through AI, we can automate tedious work, which can boost savings and production rates.

The Role of AI in the Hospitality Industry

Using AI tools for the hospitality industry is relatively new, but it already has practical applications. Let’s look at some of them below.


Firms require cost-effective services, and AI can provide them with customized solutions. Hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and other hospitality businesses can use AI to develop customized offers and recommendations to complement guest choices.

Digital Concierge

Chatbots have evolved into next gen Digital Concierge that can analyze previous customer interactions and transform them into valuable information sources. They help organizations enjoy massive savings on customer service expenses by accelerating response rates and answering up to 80% of routine inquiries while functioning as guest experience assistants

Data Analysis

AI enables travel and hospitality companies to analyze big data to discover patterns and trends in consumer transactions. Customers nowadays prefer personalization, which AI can help achieve. With the right tools, organizations can understand consumer pain points, preferences, and goals.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic affected many industries, including travel and hospitality businesses. Because of canceled and postponed travel plans, people are now planning more exciting trips. However, the pandemic heightened how consumers perceive customer service. A Zendesk customer experience report revealed that a whopping 80% of consumers would do business with a competitor after more than one bad experience with a brand. At Speakeasy AI, we have an extensive range of solutions — including conversational AI and voice AI — to help businesses understand and respond to customers who need help. We can empower hospitality organizations to prepare for revenge travels through our first and only speech-to-intent solution and end-to-end conversation manager. Contact us now to request a demo.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Has Always Been About Voice

Conversational AI technology was in the making long before we started talking about digital transformation. It started in 1952 when Bell Laboratories created Audrey, a system that was capable of recognizing a single voice. Fast forward 61 years later and we had Google’s Voice AI that could recognize a large majority of spoken words. These improvements have led 65% of adults today to use voice-enabled devices daily when performing searches on the web. But why have consumers so readily embraced voice technology? For one, technology has advanced to such a great extent that it has now become incredibly reliable. Voice is also faster and easier to use than typing on a keyboard. Yet the most important driver of all is the accessibility it offers. Voice-enabled capabilities allow anyone to access it — ranging from those who are physically disabled to those with limited access to technology. Voice has become the great equalizer, yet many businesses are still far behind in terms of adoption. For businesses focused on their digital transformation, it’s important to start adopting the technology primarily because voice is becoming the preferred method of communication by consumers.

How To Compliment Your Chatbot with Voice

With the data provided above, brands that are advanced in their digital transformation and have already been implementing a text contact center AI chatbot should create an equal focus on conversational AI.

Leverage Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic speech recognition, simply called ASR, plays the listening role in the world of machine learning. Although it may sound easy, it has many factors to consider before it can work effectively, such as the audio quality and background noise. Since most machine learning datasets and research are open-source, it’s possible for companies to use advanced models to create chatbots capable of converting speech to text in real-time. The text can then be used as normal input in the bot using the existing NLP infrastructure.

Agile Human Like Voices viaText-to-Speech or Recorded Voice Talent

Rather than present text to users, what about letting the chatbot speak instead? With text-to-speech capability, models can begin using words to speak in a specific language. Using such technologies can allow a business chatbot to read text out loud but in a natural way that can easily engage end-users.

Speakeasy AI Supports the CX Digital Transformation 

Speakeasy AI is a leading provider of conversational AI integration for organizations in various industries. We specialize in merging our contact AI center technology with existing artificial intelligence or chatbot content to expand business opportunities. Our speech-to-intent technology™ is the first and only in the world. With it, companies can leverage voice understanding with content that doesn’t depend on transcription alone. Our solutions at Speakeasy AI can be deployed immediately to your omnichannel contact center even without existing IVR or the need for telephony swap-outs. Furthermore, we can deploy self-service voice services that can benefit customers by allowing us to understand their needs better.


Conversational AI is important as it can help companies address the growing demand for voice-enabled technology by digital natives. The good news is that there are companies like Speakeasy AI that can help organizations by providing them the means to transform their conventional chatbot into a smart and adaptable voice AI. If you want to know more about our AI’s speech-to-intent capability, contact us today.

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conversational AI

3 Reasons Global Companies Invest in Conversational AI

According to Gartner, conversational AI — such as virtual assistants, chatbots, and conversational user interfaces — remains a top priority investment among businesses. Regardless of their size and nature, companies are spending more and more resources to invest in conversational AI. But why? For someone looking at the business arena from the sidelines, conversational AI might seem like another trend in the industry. However, for Vice Presidents of Customer Experience and other executives working in customer service, conversational AI is a crucial key to success in the industry. Here are three reasons why global leaders are investing in conversational AI: 1. AI Revolutionizes Your Customer Experience One report from Forrester states that using technology is one of the best ways to improve the customer service journey. Instead of spending resources on training employees, you’ll have better outcomes if you invest in technology, like conversational AI. Businesses are investing in AI because it revolutionizes their customer service. By using chatbots, businesses can provide answers to customers’ questions 24/7 and ensure that every customer’s experience with the business is unique. AI has the ability to learn from customer’s behaviors online, so it can open conversations based on the products and services that the customer is looking for. 2. AI Generates More Leads Creating the newest products and services will be useless if your business doesn’t generate leads. Who will buy from you? How can you earn profits to fuel your business? Conversational AI can collect customers’ data and use it to analyze their behavior. This will enable your business to turn online users into buying customers as you already know what to offer to them. For example, if a customer ordered products from your website but didn’t proceed to the checkout, conversational AI might offer better promos like free shipping or coupons to encourage the customer to checkout. This will make customers feel valued, giving them a reason to buy from you. 3. AI Empowers Customer Relationships For a business to thrive long-term, they shouldn’t stop once someone converts. It is important to continue exerting efforts to ensure that these first-time buyers become loyal customers. A study by Frost and Sullivan concluded that AI could help retail businesses improve by creating growth opportunities and strengthening customer relationships. By using conversational AI, you can utilize the power of real-time conversations to build professional relationships with customers. Over time, AI will help you connect with your customers deeper and provide tailored-fit messages based on their needs. If you’re ready to invest in conversational AI, work with our team at Speakeasy AI. We have years of experience in providing AI-centered solutions to business and are the only contact center AI that offers Speech-to-Intent™ solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our company and how our solutions can integrate into our existing systems quickly, at a low cost, yielding high results.

Use An AI-Powered Guest Experience to Reduce Costs & Improve Sales for Your Hotel Brand

Investing in your customer experience will directly impact your sales.  8 out of 10 of your customers will decide not to buy from you due to a bad experience. Over half will go to a competitor. 66% of hotel guests say they would go out of their way to stay at a hotel because of a positive experience. It is the top reason why people choose a specific hotel over price (51%), location (48%), and familiarity with the brand (45%). Our client, one of the largest hotel brands in the world, understood the stakes of a great buying experience. With over 15 hotel brands worldwide, they knew the only way to improve sales was to make it more seamless. Using Speakeasy AI, they were able to turn their digital customer service into an asset.

[CASE STUDY DOWNLOAD] Use An AI-Powered Guest Experience to Reduce Costs for Your Hotel Brand

contact center AI

Use Contact Center AI To Close Deals Better and Faster

Next gen Contact Center AI (CC AI) offers an omnichannel solution that helps to significantly reduce friction for customers and agents. By reducing friction, you reduce churn, protect your brand and grow sales.  In order to see how this works, you will have to change the way you think about CC AI.  Contact Center AI was historically viewed as a way to use automation to contain and deflect the customer to avoid delivering calls to a live agent. This is an old paradigm that’s highly limited.  In order to broaden it, we will need to look closely into how CC tools, such as the one offered by Speakeasy AI, really work. Customers in control When a customer has an issue, whether it’s billing or technical, they expect an instant resolution. It’s when they are ready to sign up, engage, pay or even cancel a service that you have an opportunity to show them that you care and are there for them at all times. In the process of engaging a customer with your brand, there are many touch points where you have the power to automatically make their journey smoother, easier and frictionless.  Once they see this, you can guide them to the right solution and person at the right time. This is how you reduce friction and make your brand truly stand out.  It’s through intelligent customer care solutions such as CC AI that you reduce churn, increase conversions, and generate new revenue.  Minimal friction  Businesses today need to be agile and pivot with the customer and their needs. CC AI keeps your customers engaged throughout their journey, guiding them smoothly across key touchpoints, while keeping them hooked and wanting more. CC AI automatically identifies customers that are serious and ready to buy, reaching out at a moment of maximum impact. It collects and analyzes customer data to decide on a product price, when to offer a promotion, coupon or reward to a customer based on prior behaviors, existing marketing initiatives and client profile. New revenue Conversational AI chat bots engage with customers throughout their lifecycle to check on satisfaction and ask for feedback. By engaging in an ongoing conversation with the customer, companies can automate intimate one-on-one conversations. With ongoing engagement, you get to know the customer better, which helps you create new sales opportunities. AI assists agents in suggesting  actions and scripts that warm up leads and support the customer. This provides ample opportunities to cross sell and upsell the during engagements Don’t delay! Conversational CC AI bridges the gap in customer care with its round-the-clock availability and intelligent engagement. It makes the customer feel in control while empowering agents to handle difficult issues at scale in an on-demand environment. This is what generates trust. In today’s demanding environment where everything moves at light speed, you can’t afford to stay behind. Speakeasy AI will instantly make you stand out from the crowd and delight your customers by making them feel heard, understood and satisfied. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the call center AI market size to grow from USD 800 million in 2019 to USD 2,800 million by 2024.   To learn more about how Speakeasy AI can elevate your customer experience, contact us today. 
AI Powered Call Center

4 Ways AI-Powered Contact Centers Create Super Agents

There is no doubt that the pandemic has slowed things down. It also did is accelerate the need for contact center support. Demand for contact across digital, voice and messaging  is surging across the board for industries such as cable, wireless, retail, travel and banking. As customer expectations are rising, maintaining consistency in execution becomes harder.  Everyone is overwhelmed. Especially call center agents.  That’s unless you bring AI-powered Agent Assist on board. Below are 4 ways in which Agent Assist can turn your agents into Super Agents. 

1. AI Accelerates Agent Speed and Reduces Friction

AI-powered contact center messaging, chat and voice, is on the rise. And for the right reason. It helps your agents, especially those freshly onboard, to hit their stride faster and with less friction. This is crucial especially as more call center workers and customer service agents work from home or move locations due to lockdowns and natural calamities. 

2. AI Helps Maintain Brand Consistency

Contact Center AI delivered via Agent Assist helps to bridge the service gaps, ensure brand consistency and give your team access to smart tools that boost your agents’ performance by assisting them during live customer interactions. Think of Agent Assist as a smart co-pilot. It significantly reduces agent training so that much less time can be spent on onboarding. Furthermore, the system builds compliance and adherence to policy with your workforce.  

3. AI Helps Agents Understand Customer Intent Faster

Your agents should not spend their precious time trying to figure out what to do or asking customers to repeat themselves. Instead, they should have access to intuitive tools that help them do this automatically.  The flows in Agent Assist are programmed based on real conversations with real customers. What’s more, they are updated in real-time depending on the context of the conversation. This way your agents do not need to second guess what the customer wants. Interactions by your live agents with Agent Assist also serve to improve answers and performance for future interactions. Agent Assist will make your agents’ jobs easier,, impressing your customers and leading to higher sales and reduced churn. 

4. AI Frees Agents to Focus on Building Rapport and Empathy

Agent Assist uses Speech-to-Intent to instantly prompt agents with answers based on customer questions, reducing average handle time (AHT) and improving quality and consistency of customer communication. Our machine learning models are based on real-life agent interactions and real-time feedback. The system gets the customer going and supports the agent to take the next best action, giving them the ability to focus their soft skills on building deeper rapport and empathy, even while juggling multiple conversations. And it gets better with time.  Access to smarter replies, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and flexible adjustment depending on agent’s capacity and true customer intent is what Agent Assist is all about.  In a nutshell, the system helps to optimize your agents’ performance, allowing for a faster resolution of customer requests, reducing costs and leading to higher sales. And it can work within any desktop and integrate with any existing CRM or knowledge management system. To improve solution rates and while also optimizing cross-sell opportunities and grow customer satisfaction, contact us today!  Related Article: Read Forrester Analyst Kate Leggett’s recent article: The Future Of Contact Center Work: How To Source New Agent Talent
Conversational AI for Travel

Conversational AI Has a Big Role in Travel This Year

The travel industry has been through the proverbial wringer during the past two years. With the pandemic restrictions easing, travel is undergoing an explosion in demand. Tired of living in isolation, people are eager to reunite with their families and experience life beyond lockdown. Smart call center leaders are turning to conversational AI to elevate their customer and agent experience.

Bracing for Post-Pandemic Travel Surge

Welcoming back travelers won’t occur without hitting a few bumps on the road to freedom. After having laid off a chunk of the workforce, agencies and companies are understaffed.  What this likely means for call centers and travel agents is having to spend hours on live calls processing a surge of inquiries from finding the perfect destination to digging up unused vouchers. Patience will be in short supply while human error and frustration will rise. Hiring more humans to handle thousands of calls from eager travelers around the world and round the clock is an expensive option. The added customer service costs will be steep for an industry already struggling because of the pandemic. But there’s another way. A smarter way. 

Faster, Smoother, and Easier

Just as interest in travel is about to skyrocket, Speakeasy AI can help to conserve your business resources while keeping sanity levels at bay. When processing a surge of customer inquiries, the system minimizes human error while offering white glove customer service. In other words, it makes everything work faster, smoother, and easier than ever.  The world opening is a massive opportunity for travel companies and booking agencies. Millions of people have been waiting for this moment. By implementing Speakeasy AI, you take the pressure off your agents and make your customer’s convenience and delight a priority. 

The Human Side of AI 

Contrary to what people may think, conversational AI makes the interactive experience more, not less human. By making people feel more connected to your brand through personalizing their interactions with recommendations, the system brings empathy into the experience. What’s more, customers can have their questions answered without the need to wait in queues. The system can contact the hotels, airlines, etc., and make inquiries on behalf of the customer, saving everyone a lot of time.  For those not tech-savvy, AI can help with quick decision-making. It’s an added bonus in the post-pandemic era when people may feel a bit more perplexed and indecisive than normal. 

Smarter Travel Planning 

Speakeasy AI taps into data pools created by customers allowing it to customize their responses to better fit their needs and preferences. It’s a technology with the potential to know the customer better than ever. The technology empowers people to direct the messaging process. This allows travelers to communicate on their own terms so that live agents can focus on the soft-touch, high-level customization. In the end, Speakeasy AI helps to move call and messaging traffic more efficiently. Rather than waiting to chat with a live person, customers can receive their answers instantly, getting another step closer to turning their holiday reveries into reality. 

Bracing For Growth

Our friends at Quiq would agree that scaling your customer support strategy takes time and careful planning. We like the tips they provide on their blog that include ways Conversational AI can help you scale your customer support.

We Are Here for You!

Greet, inform, book, delight. That’s our motto at Speakeasy AI! Visit our website today to schedule a demo and join in our mission to make 2021 a year to remember in travel.
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