Conversational AI for IVR

Transform your existing IVR
into an AI driven powerhouse.

Speakeasy AI creates a personalized experience for your customers from first touch to resolution, with an understanding that outperforms traditional natural language and speech to text systems.

Conversational AI for IVR Features

Rapid Deployment

Our services deploy rapidly without IVR or telephone swap outs

Reduce Customer Friction

Unlocks call drivers in customers’ own voices to quickly identify and fix any issues

Visual Capabilities

Visual IVR allows customers to move smoothly from digital to voice channels without having to repeat themselves

Self-Service Tools

Deploy self-service voice solutions to better understand your customers’ needs.

Leverage Existing Tech

Allow your IVR to leverage knowledge from existing investments including CRM, RPA, and other existing chatbots.

Activate Accessibility Features

Accessibility for customers to move to messaging on their own, allowing them to communicate at their own pace

Stay Up to Date

BYOIVR, BYOBot/RPA, easy channel switches, and NLU allows customers to come as they are for quick and easy improvements cycles and the most current updates.

Ready to transform your existing IVR?

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