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Can Conversational AI Predict Customer Needs Before Your CX Team’s First Touchpoint?  

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How much time is a customer willing to spend interacting with your virtual assistants before they leave in frustration? 

Similarly, how long does it take your human agents to decipher a customer’s issue after the customer has already hit roadblocks with the virtual assistant?

The end result is an angry customer and a long, tedious support process that ultimately keeps your agents on the phone much longer than they need to be.

What if conversational AI could predict customers’ needs before your team’s first touchpoint, thus making the entire journey faster, more efficient, and attuned to the customer’s needs? 

In this post, we explore how this is possible, why it’s vital to provide a great customer experience (CX) at all stages of the journey, and where common breakdowns traditionally occur. 

Why a great CX is important

It’s no secret that delivering the customer experience plays a direct role in the success of a business. On the most basic level, if prospective customers don’t like what they see or aren’t getting the right answers to their questions, then they’re gone.

But many organizations underestimate how CX translates into tangible performance metrics. Consider, for example, how bad customer experiences can drive financial losses:

  • Web visitor drop-off rates increase
  • Conversion rates drop
  • Sales volume declines
  • Customer retention rates decline
  • Reputational damage increases due to bad reviews, negative social media posts, etc.

Each of those metrics is a measurement of a different stage of the customer journey, but together they all contribute to significant financial losses. That is why delivering a great CX is so important.

Where CX goes wrong

The customer experience can break down in a number of ways. But more often than not, a bad experience boils down to friction that stands between customers and the information/solution they’re looking for. 

For example:

  • On a website, if it takes too many clicks to find the right information, prospective customers will exit. 
  • If customers connect with a chat agent but don’t get their question answered quickly enough, they become increasingly frustrated and angry with the company.
  • If customers are bumped to a live voice call but need to repeat everything from the chat (and then receive the same inadequate response), chances are they may not remain customers for much longer. 

Meanwhile, all of this is an extremely inefficient and costly way to run a customer-service operation, which is likely driving financial losses even higher.

How conversational AI changes everything

Conversational AI from Speakeasy AI helps businesses enhance the customer experience by streamlining IVR conversations and significantly reducing friction. 

Speakeasy AI works to predict and solve customer needs with AI technology. This supports all phases of the customer journey, quickly identifying customers’ intent and allowing them to move smoothly from digital to voice channels (and without having to repeat themselves).

How it works:

  • Speakeasy AI analyzes customer journeys across all channels to understand and predict their intent, before ever needing to reach a live agent.
  • Speakeasy AI uses that same understanding to rapidly provide the solution that the customer is looking for, no matter what stage of the journey they’re at: enrolling, buying, paying, getting support, and so on.
  • Speakeasy’s conversational AI continues to learn over time. It identifies the most common sources of friction and provides businesses with the data they need to rapidly optimize any aspect of their customer service operations. 

This creates smarter, more streamlined self-service flows that allow customers to achieve resolution more quickly on their own (thus lessening the load on your CX teams). Plus, when a live rep is needed, they have insight into the entire customer journey, so they can quickly pick up where the AI tools left off to deliver a vastly better customer experience.

In the big picture, our conversational AI also creates the opportunity to measure and score your virtual assistants like human agents (far beyond the basic “error rate” metrics). So you can truly gauge the performance of your AI and closely track its improvement. For more information on this aspect, check out our whitepaper on Holding Call Center AI to New Scoring Standards.

Request a demo to explore how Speakeasy AI can transform your IVR and deliver a better CX across the entire customer journey.

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