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Conversational AI Has a Big Role in Travel This Year

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The travel industry has been through the proverbial wringer during the past two years. With the pandemic restrictions easing, travel is undergoing an explosion in demand. Tired of living in isolation, people are eager to reunite with their families and experience life beyond lockdown. Smart call center leaders are turning to conversational AI to elevate their customer and agent experience.

Bracing for Post-Pandemic Travel Surge

Welcoming back travelers won’t occur without hitting a few bumps on the road to freedom. After having laid off a chunk of the workforce, agencies and companies are understaffed. 

What this likely means for call centers and travel agents is having to spend hours on live calls processing a surge of inquiries from finding the perfect destination to digging up unused vouchers. Patience will be in short supply while human error and frustration will rise.

Hiring more humans to handle thousands of calls from eager travelers around the world and round the clock is an expensive option. The added customer service costs will be steep for an industry already struggling because of the pandemic. But there’s another way. A smarter way. 

Faster, Smoother, and Easier

Just as interest in travel is about to skyrocket, Speakeasy AI can help to conserve your business resources while keeping sanity levels at bay. When processing a surge of customer inquiries, the system minimizes human error while offering white glove customer service. In other words, it makes everything work faster, smoother, and easier than ever. 

The world opening is a massive opportunity for travel companies and booking agencies. Millions of people have been waiting for this moment. By implementing Speakeasy AI, you take the pressure off your agents and make your customer’s convenience and delight a priority. 

The Human Side of AI 

Contrary to what people may think, conversational AI makes the interactive experience more, not less human. By making people feel more connected to your brand through personalizing their interactions with recommendations, the system brings empathy into the experience.

What’s more, customers can have their questions answered without the need to wait in queues. The system can contact the hotels, airlines, etc., and make inquiries on behalf of the customer, saving everyone a lot of time. 

For those not tech-savvy, AI can help with quick decision-making. It’s an added bonus in the post-pandemic era when people may feel a bit more perplexed and indecisive than normal. 

Smarter Travel Planning 

Speakeasy AI taps into data pools created by customers allowing it to customize their responses to better fit their needs and preferences. It’s a technology with the potential to know the customer better than ever.

The technology empowers people to direct the messaging process. This allows travelers to communicate on their own terms so that live agents can focus on the soft-touch, high-level customization.

In the end, Speakeasy AI helps to move call and messaging traffic more efficiently. Rather than waiting to chat with a live person, customers can receive their answers instantly, getting another step closer to turning their holiday reveries into reality. 

Bracing For Growth

Our friends at Quiq would agree that scaling your customer support strategy takes time and careful planning. We like the tips they provide on their blog that include ways Conversational AI can help you scale your customer support.

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