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Customer Service During The Holidays Can Be Frictionless

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The holiday shopping season offers an opportunity to build meaningful experiences for customers. Shopping is done almost exclusively online, which strains the already overburdened supply chain. Contact center AI can help customer service agents work as efficiently as possible.

Here are three things conversational AI can do to make customer service during the holiday season a breeze.

Enable a Faster Response Time

Customers demand faster responses. 12% of Americans say that lack of speed is their biggest gripe with customer service. When customers ramp up their holiday shopping, it’s more crucial than ever to provide them with answers in real time.

While a customer is waiting, conversational AI can assist the agent by confirming their identification, getting information about their requirements, running customer analytics, and retrieving past conversations. Agents become free from the time-consuming task of determining what to do or repeating themselves. Conversational AI can reduce call volume and shorten the time it takes for customers to connect with a live agent.

Offer Self-Service Options

During the holidays, the volume of customer service calls skyrockets. When a customer inquires about an item, return policy, shipment status, or other frequently asked questions, virtual assistants can take charge with addressing them. Representatives can work on more complicated concerns, while chatbots handle most basic inquiries.

It’s all too usual for changes and upgrades in other aspects of the company to cause issues with customer self-service. It’s easy for your self-service options to fall out of favor with customers if you don’t keep track of and update them. Omnichannel contact center AI can help improve self-service content through agent interactions.

Provide Personalized Gift Suggestions

84% of people say that gift-giving is stressful. With contact center AI, customers’ demographic and transactional data is available to coach agents in providing personalized product suggestions. Voice AI can even interpret user intent allowing for precise cross-selling and ups-selling to improve the customer experience and benefit your bottom line.


Brands that are automating aspects of customer support this holiday season are sure to see success. With the help of contact center AI, organizations of any size can scale up and handle rising traffic with ease.

Agent Assist from Speakeasy AI allows you to maximize the performance of your agents, resulting in faster response times to consumer inquiries. Self-service options facilitate quick adjustments and responses to actual conditions, guided by the customer’s unfiltered voice. 

Contact us to learn more about how contact center AI can benefit your company during the holiday season.

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