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Digital Transformation Has Always Been About Voice

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Conversational AI technology was in the making long before we started talking about digital transformation. It started in 1952 when Bell Laboratories created Audrey, a system that was capable of recognizing a single voice. Fast forward 61 years later and we had Google’s Voice AI that could recognize a large majority of spoken words.

These improvements have led 65% of adults today to use voice-enabled devices daily when performing searches on the web. But why have consumers so readily embraced voice technology?

For one, technology has advanced to such a great extent that it has now become incredibly reliable. Voice is also faster and easier to use than typing on a keyboard.

Yet the most important driver of all is the accessibility it offers. Voice-enabled capabilities allow anyone to access it — ranging from those who are physically disabled to those with limited access to technology.

Voice has become the great equalizer, yet many businesses are still far behind in terms of adoption.

For businesses focused on their digital transformation, it’s important to start adopting the technology primarily because voice is becoming the preferred method of communication by consumers.

How To Compliment Your Chatbot with Voice

With the data provided above, brands that are advanced in their digital transformation and have already been implementing a text contact center AI chatbot should create an equal focus on conversational AI.

Leverage Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic speech recognition, simply called ASR, plays the listening role in the world of machine learning. Although it may sound easy, it has many factors to consider before it can work effectively, such as the audio quality and background noise.

Since most machine learning datasets and research are open-source, it’s possible for companies to use advanced models to create chatbots capable of converting speech to text in real-time. The text can then be used as normal input in the bot using the existing NLP infrastructure.

Agile Human Like Voices viaText-to-Speech or Recorded Voice Talent

Rather than present text to users, what about letting the chatbot speak instead? With text-to-speech capability, models can begin using words to speak in a specific language.

Using such technologies can allow a business chatbot to read text out loud but in a natural way that can easily engage end-users.

Speakeasy AI Supports the CX Digital Transformation 

Speakeasy AI is a leading provider of conversational AI integration for organizations in various industries. We specialize in merging our contact AI center technology with existing artificial intelligence or chatbot content to expand business opportunities.

Our speech-to-intent technology™ is the first and only in the world. With it, companies can leverage voice understanding with content that doesn’t depend on transcription alone. Our solutions at Speakeasy AI can be deployed immediately to your omnichannel contact center even without existing IVR or the need for telephony swap-outs.

Furthermore, we can deploy self-service voice services that can benefit customers by allowing us to understand their needs better.


Conversational AI is important as it can help companies address the growing demand for voice-enabled technology by digital natives.

The good news is that there are companies like Speakeasy AI that can help organizations by providing them the means to transform their conventional chatbot into a smart and adaptable voice AI.

If you want to know more about our AI’s speech-to-intent capability, contact us today.

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