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Introducing Speakeasy AI – Voice Recognition That Actually Understands Customers

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From cable companies, to hotel chains to banks – the days of customer calling say and pray are over.

The best customer experiences begin with understanding customer needs and tailoring an experience around those needs.

For people on the business side of a customer relationship, the recipe for understanding a customer starts with authentic listening. Listening done right doesn’t create a word list, it creates a picture in your head of what the speaker is saying, describing, and what she/he needs.

It should be no different for automated voice systems.

With this in mind, we set out to build a company and solution that delivers the voice future we were promised when we first heard “the robot lady.” You all know her…and when you find her,  in an IVR, with Siri or with Alexa – you like her if, and only when, she gets you. For our team, we are beyond excited to have a solution that can actively listen and understand the full picture of intent. 

We believe

  • Authentic listening requires understanding as the primary goal above all else
  • Authentic listening requires knowledge of what is unsaid, as well as what is said
  • Authentic listening requires technology that is ready to serve, but doesn’t impose “solutions”

Today’s Voice CX is muddled – not at all what it can and should be.

IVR is one of the examples of voice technology that, like Tamgotchis and Palm Pilots, are set up to serve a use case from 20 years ago. We have passionately jumped into this world with knowledge from the self-service, AI and voice worlds that crosses a spectrum of business practitioners, product developers, AI market pacesetters and CX consultants to do one thing better than anyone has done it before – understand your customers.

I can turn up the thermostat with Alexa, you better believe I should be able to add HBO when Game of Thrones returns with a quick, easy phone call.

Join the movement – make it easier for your customers to be understood.

At Speakeasy AI, our mission is to make it easier for businesses to understand their customers in voice channels.

Simply put – Listen. Help. Remember. Improve.

By using our patent-pending Speech-to-Intent™ engine, our real-time customer understanding based reporting system, and our rapid update and improvement cycle, enterprises can finally connect their customers’ voice to enterprise AI investments and deliver the future their customers were promised.

We hope that as we expand on our case to the world, you will join us – as a reader of our blog, as a viewer of our video content, and as a listener to our podcasts. If you are tired of the lame voice experiences that live siloed from some of the more exciting digital automation and AI that is out there…you are not alone. We have built and are building this for you – and more importantly, your customers.

I read this. So now what?

Well, thank you so much for reading! We are just getting started.

Occasionally, we’d like to send you an email – not spam, hard sells or lame weekly updates. This content will include things that like-minded folks who have an interest in this world have found worth the read/view/listen. And it won’t be more than once or twice a month at most. We promise.

If you’d like to have a conversation now – we are all about listening and would love to learn more about you. You can engage or drop us your email by simply clicking on the speech bubble in orange and we will be happy to chat more.

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