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Omnichannel CX: An Evolution You Can’t Afford to Miss

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For many businesses the pandemic changed the game. One of the major shifts that took place relates to digitization, which has become a prerequisite to surviving and thriving in the rapidly shifting economy. 

Digitization and/or digital transformation means implementing an omnichannel CX experience. If your business is not yet doesn’t offer authentic omnichannel CX, you may be falling behind.  Don’t delay! Prevent pain and suffering for your brand  by avoiding a lack of continuity.

What does omnichannel mean?

Omnichannel is a customer contact platform that virtually connects with a brand across multiple and cross-communication channels via flexible and easy-to-use integration points. Within this environment, customers journey along, effortlessly shifting from chat to call without the need to repeat what they’re looking for. As this happens, the system collects data and learns from each customer and agent interaction, which leads to improvements. 

The benefits of integrating omnichannel

At its core, omnichannel CX means seamless and easy interaction with your brand across multiple channels, such as text messaging and voice. It improves speed since a customer no longer needs to wait for an agent. Many of their queries can be answered effortlessly by interacting with an AI bot, reducing waiting time and contributing to customer’s delight. By spreading your message across multiple channels, an omnichannel solution makes your brand more relevant and visible. 

What omnichannel CX looks like in action

When your customers want to join a program, quickly find an answer or cancel their order, their experience within omnichannel CX is intuitive, effortless and continuous. For example, when booking a room at a hotel, a lot can be done via text on the hotel’s website. Once the dates are confirmed and preferences set, the system switches to a phone call and the booking is fine-tuned and finalized. 

A digital concierge

Omnichannel CX offers a white glove approach for customized user journeys to enroll, enjoy, pay, modify, report or fix problems on the go. The customer doesn’t think about channels, so a concierge approach allows one conversational AI engine to orchestrate personalized experiences across all the customer touchpoints.

The evolution of CX

Many companies face the challenge that their platforms were built on text which can make understanding voice difficult. In other words, we talk differently than we type. A voice first approach means that your CX solution can understand both: a customer speaking on a speakerphone as well as decipher shorthand messaging acronyms.

Integrating omnichannel within your brand

For a successful integration, you will first need to identify friction points and then find and integrate the tools to fix them. SpeakEasy AI offers an authentic omnichannel conversational AI solution, which is fast, intuitive and easily integrated with the full contact center AI stack to understand where the customer has been, what they’ve done, identify them, and tailor the approach depending on where they are in their journey.

Omnichannel CX makes your brand come across as fresh and smart

Don’t fall behind! Create an omnichannel, frictionless customer experience today. 

SpeakEasy AI – helping you get the right answer at the right place and the right time, everytime.  

Go omnichannel today with Speakeasy AI. Contact us today. 

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