AI Insights features analytics that leverage all existing knowledge and custom language libraries to provide insights on agents and customer interactions, real-time vision into CX, customer journey behavior, routing and automation performance with existing IVR, ACD/telephony, agent desktop and CRM systems.

  • Amplify real-time customer journey reporting that focuses on customer intent driven behavior to find where customers have friction and empower quick changes and updates.
  • CX reporting that is non-linear to allow for a 360 degree view of the customer journey, including channel switches.
  • Easy integration to allow for data pushes to third party data warehouses or presentation of intent journeys across other contact center assets including third party digital chatbots, IVRs, live chat and messaging.
  • Pulse provides AI infused call recording and speech analytics to understand agent and customer interactions, sentiment analysis for CX improvements (post-contact and escalation to supervisors during contact), and can work with agent assist to provide vision into agent tone & QA/QM score carding to identify training or improvement opportunities.
  • Embed links within any CRM to receive a URL to this 360 view of agent and customer interaction including transcription, intent identification, sentiment score and disposition or summary notes.



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