Custom ASR provides agile and powerful speech-to-intent to allow for true NLU in customers’ own voices and easy integration into any voice channel. It can also integrate with any other ASR to optimize existing investments. No black boxes, just results – Nerving gives real time vision, transparency, and control into ASR language models.

  • SEAI Speech-to-Intent provides natural ASR without relying on transcription alone.
  • SEAI can incorporate other ASR or STT systems into our NLU/ASR to optimize other systems you may have in place like Google or Amazon.
  • Nerv powers custom audio libraries for customer intents created by the way your customers speak about the products and services you offer.
  • Nerv remembers & learns based on customer & agent interactions across contacts within the context of history & existing systems including chatbots, CRM & RPA solutions
  • Scriber allows for custom transcription libraries including entity extraction models that increase accuracy on number related information (dates, times, amounts & member IDs) & the proper nouns that make up your brands marketing & products.
  • Human in the loop AI annotation UX to allow for your business subject matter experts to have vision & transparency into how your language models are performing while empowering them to make easy changes & updates.
  • Speakeasy AI can provide a Listening Engagement to prove out our solution & tune language models without learning on the backs of customers.
  • Speakeasy AI can also utilize Pulse to upload IVR or customer/agent call recordings to begin providing insights & tuning custom language models.

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