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Get AI Contact Center support with Speakeasy AI and OutPLEX

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Are you looking to provide digital-first engagement with human agent support? Lean on Speakeasy AI and OutPLEX to solve customers’ needs with the best digital and voice communication solutions. Speakeasy AI brings the technology, while OutPLEX provides world-class outsourced call center agents. With this unmatched partnership, you get the technology and agents you need to scale customer service.

(Whether you’re a small business or a global brand)

The partnership has its benefits

Now you can provide a world-class personalized customer experience using technology and outsourced agents that have access to all the information they need to predict and solve your customer’s needs in real-time. 

  • Scale your business

We help CX teams through AI technology that analyzes customer journeys to understand their true intention. This allows agents to anticipate solutions and customers to feel respected with the right channel. Global brands have gained benefits in the form of increasing their sales up to 53% and reducing abandonment rates to less than 1%.

  • Smooth interaction

With Speakeasy & OutPLEX you can enjoy a fruitful, smooth and faster customer support experience. We use AI-driven research methods to meet the needs of your customers. We can quickly identify the most common problems encountered by customers and deliver the right and tailored solution to the system. Result? You can smoothly manage client retention rates and enhance ROI no matter what type of business you have.

  • Self-Service Communication

Get self-service support to make your customers feel more and more comfortable. We help optimize your business’s self-service options by understanding the right intent and allowing them to direct their own experience. The ability to recognize the intent of customers helped many brands to grow and drive a 62% self-service rate which was equal to humans’ conversational interactions.

  • Simplify agent work

Makes agents work simple within any agent desktop by reducing friction and optimizing performance across voice chat and messaging. We ensure uniform messaging by integrating all of your digital solutions.

This results in a high level of customer satisfaction, profit margin, customer retention, and fulfillment of sales goals with less effort, costs, and time.

  • Easy Automation

With automated and AI-driven research, your customer’s problems are successfully addressed on the first try. Our partnership allows clients to meet goals faster and anticipate greater returns on investment.

  • Real-time Data

We integrate with other bots so that you can have a seamless experience without putting your information in two places. In this way, agents and customers will be able to experience the researchable and findable data to integrate the full voice of the customer along with real-time data.

  • Customization

Traditional voice front doors like legacy IVR systems can occasionally result in a poor user experience. We predict customer intent and filter the customer voice with the help of our expertise and tools to track performance. These digital solutions can assist any type of business or company in exceeding all expectations by increasing present business capabilities, KPIs, and goals. In reality, we propose the only exact solution that best meets your goals and build the technology so that your clients have the finest experience possible.

Global brands use OutPLEX for getting optimized customer experience and ROI

Speakeasy AI and OutPLEX bring you the right technology and fully onboarded agents to help you provide the best customer experience.

Our Mission

For your existing automated customer care system, we help your contact center employees in extensively analyzing client needs. We serve customers in a variety of ways using our technology, resulting in a valuable asset for your company. By partnering with OutPLEX, we are able to connect brands with customers using conversational AI to provide the best possible experience for both agents and customers. Combined, we can lower your operational costs by an average of 45%!

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