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Speakeasy AI proud to partner with Genesys

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It’s always exciting when we can add new partner relationships to help serve our customers better, and we are proud to announce that Genesys is now a partner of Speakeasy AI.

As a member of the Genesys App Foundry, Speakeasy AI is poised to deliver a fully integrated solution of conversational AI within IVR to Genesys customers across their PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage solution portfolio.

Speakeasy AI is the leader in conversational AI integration with any enterprise IVR via our MRCP proxy. And we are especially excited to be able to connect our customers’ AI platforms to their Genesys IVRs. Our ability to nimbly connect AI and digital bots with Genesys will be a win for enterprises and most importantly their customers.

Our integrated solution will allow intent based routing to be driven by Speakeasy AI and the enterprise’s existing AI or bot content while opening up the door to many new self-service opportunities within Genesys IVR. Additionally, the consistency of experience and brand voice across digital and voice channels will be delivered in the way practitioners in the space have always hoped.

Amplify, our customer journey reporting tool, will wrap up this entire conversational self-service strategy; empowering Genesys users to quickly understand the wins and losses of their improved conversational IVR, and enable quick changes to improve the customer experience.

2019 is going to be a year of partner expansion at Speakeasy AI, and we’re proud to start with Genesys.

If you are a Genesys customer who wants to see or rather hear firsthand what Speakeasy AI can do to raise the bar of IVR performance, please contact us for a low risk, low resource Listening Engagement today.


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