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Speech Is Coming Back, Just Not With Agents

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2018 is the year speech came back from the dark side and surprisingly it’s kids driving the renaissance.

Kids do not know that you can press buttons on a remote control – they just talk to it. Need to know what clothes to wear to school – just ask Alexa.

People are realizing that systems can understand what you say and that is a lot easier than typing, searching through menus or search. Voice UI is the original human UI.

In 2018 IVRs are starting to catch up with these smart talking devices and offer answers to questions, provide personalized information, take action with SMS messages with solutions and up to date interactive information.

There are silos of information that are being released from the agent desktop to the AI system that sits on your IVR – solutions that can thread voice intelligence through theses silos are transforming enterprises.

What percentage of questions that your live agents answer today could be solved with AI? Based on the data we’ve collected with our active listening process, 30-40% of current live agent call center inquiries can be handled or improved by AI. In these use cases, our solution identifies what a user wants and provides an answer either to the customer or assistance to the agent to deliver the right answer.

2018 is the year speech came back and this renaissance can extend to IVRs with AI solutions like Speakeasy AI. Our Active Listening Pilot can kickoff your IVR come back by providing insights into what your users are asking for and what percentage of intents AI can answer – all in real time.


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