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Use An AI-Powered Guest Experience to Reduce Costs & Improve Sales for Your Hotel Brand

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Investing in your customer experience will directly impact your sales.  8 out of 10 of your customers will decide not to buy from you due to a bad experience. Over half will go to a competitor.

66% of hotel guests say they would go out of their way to stay at a hotel because of a positive experience. It is the top reason why people choose a specific hotel over price (51%), location (48%), and familiarity with the brand (45%).

Our client, one of the largest hotel brands in the world, understood the stakes of a great buying experience. With over 15 hotel brands worldwide, they knew the only way to improve sales was to make it more seamless. Using Speakeasy AI, they were able to turn their digital customer service into an asset.

[CASE STUDY DOWNLOAD] Use An AI-Powered Guest Experience to Reduce Costs for Your Hotel Brand

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