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Use Contact Center AI To Close Deals Better and Faster

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Next gen Contact Center AI (CC AI) offers an omnichannel solution that helps to significantly reduce friction for customers and agents. By reducing friction, you reduce churn, protect your brand and grow sales. 

In order to see how this works, you will have to change the way you think about CC AI. 

Contact Center AI was historically viewed as a way to use automation to contain and deflect the customer to avoid delivering calls to a live agent. This is an old paradigm that’s highly limited. 

In order to broaden it, we will need to look closely into how CC tools, such as the one offered by Speakeasy AI, really work.

Customers in control

When a customer has an issue, whether it’s billing or technical, they expect an instant resolution. It’s when they are ready to sign up, engage, pay or even cancel a service that you have an opportunity to show them that you care and are there for them at all times.

In the process of engaging a customer with your brand, there are many touch points where you have the power to automatically make their journey smoother, easier and frictionless. 

Once they see this, you can guide them to the right solution and person at the right time. This is how you reduce friction and make your brand truly stand out. 

It’s through intelligent customer care solutions such as CC AI that you reduce churn, increase conversions, and generate new revenue. 

Minimal friction 

Businesses today need to be agile and pivot with the customer and their needs.

CC AI keeps your customers engaged throughout their journey, guiding them smoothly across key touchpoints, while keeping them hooked and wanting more.

CC AI automatically identifies customers that are serious and ready to buy, reaching out at a moment of maximum impact. It collects and analyzes customer data to decide on a product price, when to offer a promotion, coupon or reward to a customer based on prior behaviors, existing marketing initiatives and client profile.

New revenue

Conversational AI chat bots engage with customers throughout their lifecycle to check on satisfaction and ask for feedback. By engaging in an ongoing conversation with the customer, companies can automate intimate one-on-one conversations.

With ongoing engagement, you get to know the customer better, which helps you create new sales opportunities.

AI assists agents in suggesting  actions and scripts that warm up leads and support the customer. This provides ample opportunities to cross sell and upsell the during engagements

Don’t delay!

Conversational CC AI bridges the gap in customer care with its round-the-clock availability and intelligent engagement. It makes the customer feel in control while empowering agents to handle difficult issues at scale in an on-demand environment.

This is what generates trust.

In today’s demanding environment where everything moves at light speed, you can’t afford to stay behind. Speakeasy AI will instantly make you stand out from the crowd and delight your customers by making them feel heard, understood and satisfied.

MarketsandMarkets forecasts the call center AI market size to grow from USD 800 million in 2019 to USD 2,800 million by 2024.  

To learn more about how Speakeasy AI can elevate your customer experience, contact us today. 

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